Responsibilities of a Web Architect and How to Choose the Right One

Published: 13th July 2010
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In the world of website creation, it is important to know the responsibilities of a web architect if one wishes to have his or her own website constructed. Web architects play a major role in the planning stage of a website much like the same way an architect is to a building construction project. They are responsible for defining the layout and structure of the website, including how a site visitor gets from one page to another. In order for the website design to meet client requirements, web architects keep the goals and objectives of the site.
Websites and the web pages within the website can be static pages or dynamic. Static pages are relatively simple, while dynamic sites can be programmed to automatically adapt content or visual appearance depending on a variety of factors, such as input from the end-user, or changes in the computing environment such as the site's associated database having been modified or the geographical location of the viewer.
Aside from building the framework of the website, a good web architect also helps in figuring out several important aspects of a website, such as the type or style of the website to be built, or whether the site will be aimed at e-commerce or customer service. Other aspects include the kind of content the site will have, the source of content and how the site will be updated or maintained.
A proficient web architect has excellent organization skills and a solid experience in web design. Having strong communication and interpersonal skills will also serve a website architect well because consultations with website owners are integral, particularly during the presentation of the web site prototype.
Finding the right web architect for the job can be a little tricky. It is important to look out for referrals from previous clients, in order to gauge the web architect's quality of work.
Also, check the websites the architect ahs previously worked on. A lazy web architect will often use templates in a majority of his work, resulting in websites from different clients looking extremely similar to one another. The ideal web architect will have no problems being creative, and will more likely come up with original designs and ideas.

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